Sell Furniture: Build Business Online with Shopify

Building furniture websites today is easier than it used to be. You don’t need a degree in graphic design or web development.

Thanks to ecommerce websites platforms like Shopify, you can make your own furniture store. Shopify provides you with web hosting, payment gateways, design tools, and marketing features so you can sell furniture and build a business from the ground up.

How to Start Your Own Furniture Business Online

As with millions of products that are sold online, you have to find a reputable seller that is going to sell products to you at wholesale prices or drop ship your products. When it comes to furniture, it can be a little bit complicated because we are talking about large items. When looking for a wholesaler, it depends on what kind of furniture you are planning to sell. If your website specializes in selling vintage furniture, you are going to have to search through antique stores and thrift shops. Also, you can find new items by getting in touch with wholesalers in your location or using Alibaba’s route. If you prefer exploring, Alibaba’s search option will provide you with thousands of results. You can search based on the preferred product type. By doing so, you don’t have to search through thousands of furniture supplies.

For drop shipping, it is easier. But, you should keep in mind that your profit margins may decrease. Once you’ll find a product you like, contact the supplier for more details. Ensure the contact information is accurate.

Here are a few great tips to keep in mind:

  • Find out who the main contact is.
  • Do research – take a look at product reviews, product quality, and any information that you can find about the seller or company. Lots of companies don’t have websites. If they do, it is a huge plus.
  • Ask samples from the supplier. Since we are talking about furniture, you can get a smaller product. Samples are good to check the product’s quality.
  • Set the conditions on payment, delivery times, and how much you plan to buy each month.

Create Your Website/Online Store

Some of the best ecommerce platforms that can help you get started a furniture business online are Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion. We suggest you visit their websites and research each of them. Shopify is one of the best platforms on the market. We are going to discuss how you can use the platform to create your own website and online store.

Take a look at the themes Shopify offers. There are some great furniture websites templates you can use to build the website of your dreams. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial. Use the trial to explore the platform and the features it offers. After the trial, choose one of Shopify’s ecommerce plans.


Shopify themes are specially designed for furniture stores. They come with great features such as social media icons, free stock photos, drag-and-drop page builders, SEO optimization, icon fonts, Instagram integration, Google Fonts, Bootstrap frameworks, support for multiple languages and currencies, and more.

All themes have responsive layouts meaning they are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Here are some of the best furniture Shopify templates:

1.Minimal Modern

Minimal Modern is a free Shopify theme features product image zoom, a section for related products, clean and modern design.

There are some great options like support for homepage YouTube and Vimeo videos, dropdown navigation support, product filtering, social media icons, SEO optimization, free stock photos, and more.

2. Vantage - Black

Vantage – Black Shopify theme includes product quick view, a responsive layout, a homepage slideshow, newsletter subscription form, product image zoom, social networking icons, SEO optimization, support for dropdown navigation, free stock images, product filtering, and more.

3. Garden Relax

Garden Relax is a beautiful, customizable, and responsive theme. It comes with Google Maps integration, support for multiple currencies and languages, contact newsletter subscription and search forms, parallax effects, an Ajax cart, product quick view, a blog, product carousels, a collections catalog, Oberlo and Amazon compatibility, a lookbook section, HTML5 and CSS3 code, and much much more.

4. Diana

This Shopify theme offers a Bootstrap framework, a responsive layout, dropshipping support, RTL language support, CSS3 code, product zoom, icon fonts, a drag-and-drop page builder, SEO-friendly code, Google Fonts, a theme color switcher, a section for customer reviews, and more.

5. Furnitto

Furnitto is one of our favorite Shopify themes. The theme features a mega menu, product quick view, a blog, a collections catalog, PSD files, Google Maps integration, Google Fonts, customized modules, HTML5 and CSS3 code, custom page templates, a Bootstrap framework, and support for English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian.

Consider a theme that will look good with your brand and the types of products you sell.

Once you’ll choose a theme, create your Shopify account.

Establish Your Marketing Strategy

Trying out different marketing strategies when you building your ecommerce store is important. You need to know exactly what fits your store and what attracts customers’ attention.

Here are some helpful tips when launching your online store:

  • Use promotions and coupons to build a customer base.
  • Partner with interior designers and real estate professionals to make your products available to more customers.
  • Create an email subscription button on your website. Having an email list is important. You can email your customers your newest products, discounts, and special deals.
  • Use social media to acquire new customers. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, make sure to take advantage of it.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter if you already have an online store set up or you are just starting out from scratch – you can still be successful and run a profitable business.

All it requires is a plan, a well-designed online store, and marketing strategies to help you stand out on the market.

Decide how you want to promote your new store and chances are you will receive new customers and loyal purchasers willing to buy into your unique brand.


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