When you find that your business has grown so much that one sales channel isn’t enough anymore so that the business can function with full capacity, it is then time to take the next step and that is to start using multiple sales channels. This used to be a problem because it would mean that you’d have to work on multiple platforms separately, but thanks to some great software solutions this isn’t the case. Keep on reading for a multi channel ecommerce software comparison of solutions that will allow you to control all channels from one place.

SellerExpress is a software whose main focus is the automation of listings, order processing as well as stock management and there is also an automatic re-pricing function for Amazon that can really come in handy. The setup process of the software is very quick and simple and you can be happy to know the whole thing can be over within an hour. The people behind this software have also made sure to provide some guidance for their customers, as well as advice which is great for someone that is a beginner, or simply someone that want to improve their chances of success. However, all of those benefits come with a price tag, and in this case, it is a huge one because the prices start at 200 pounds per month and those costs only get higher and higher as you increase the number of sales channels that you want to use. You also don’t get any messaging or real-time stock updates when it comes to eBay and Amazon which means you will have to do it manually from each platform, and that can be a pain.

Brightpearl is a software that easily combines inventory management features with basic CRM and accounting functionalities and it is perfect for any smaller retailers. This is a great choice, especially because of the inventory management system because that is usually the very first thing that people look for in a software. However, when making a multi-channel e-commerce software comparison, it is easy to see that this software lacks some of the most sophisticated and comprehensive tools like billing, order management, messaging, shipping and so on, and you definitely need to take that into consideration.

Working with multiple channels from multiple different accounts and platforms can be really difficult, which is why a software of this kind that will give you all of the great benefits in one place is the perfect choice. We hope that you will find this multi channel e-commerce software comparison helpful and that, maybe, one of our choices is just what you were looking for.

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