Top 3 Multichannel E-Commerce Software Review And Comparison

As a webpreneur, operating multichannel e-commerce is a worth trying an idea. You have an opportunity to maximize your profits and create a strong customer base while giving your clients freedom of choice. Nevertheless, even though the channel has their system of managing inventories, you need a software to harmonize these aspects to enhance your business performance.

Mainly, when your orders and sales volumes go up, you have to find a way of managing them. Also, as your business advances, you must design a strategy of taking your products to places your customers are found. The process of strategizing your business for easy customer reach leads to the development of new systems that require different management. In this essence, you act as though you are operating various businesses which becomes a tough job to manage them.

Without proper analysis and real-time information of your inventory levels per channel would result in customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales. Due to this, you need a holistic multichannel e-commerce platform that can enable you to manage all your markets, orders, and inventories effectively across the channels. That is why before choosing the right online platform for your business you must compare them, the must popular are: Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volution, Magento enterprise, and others. Here is an overview of the top such software:

• CloudCommerce

CloudCommerce is one of the leading multichannel e-commerce solutions. The software enhances your multiple digital marketplaces and e-commerce platforms selling and order fulfillment. Also, it comes with an ability to automate your daily tasks such as listing, packaging, dispatching, and shipping to avoid any cases of overselling.

Again, it is designed to fit with each business’s uniqueness hence enabling you to align it with your business objectives and goals. If you are not a tech guru, you do not have to worry since the setup is easy. In case of a challenge, the provider’s support team is just a call away.

Also, if you are a nomad entrepreneur, the platform promises you peace of mind in your travel affairs through providing you with a cloud-based system. So, as long as you have access to the internet, you can manage your business at any place and time. When it comes to pricing, CloudCommerce is reasonably affordable. You only need to pay low monthly charges with no hidden fees. Also, the charges are not based on the number of users meaning you can enroll any number without fears of additional changes. However, the bad side of this platform is that they do not offer free trials.

• BrightPearl

The next multichannel e-commerce software you can vouch for is the BrightPearl. This software applies a back-office solution design. It helps you to manage your business as you would do in the back-office. Also, the software combines inventory management with financial and CRM functionalities enabling you to have real-time data of your business. To them, inventory is the cradle of your business. If it is poorly managed, the results will be a fail.

However, BrightPearl has several shortcomings. First, it does not offer order processing management. Hence it becomes hard for you to track the fulfillment process. Also, they do not have a clear pricing policy on their packages. Thus, determining the cost you will be paying is a technical struggle.

• Linnworks

Are you seeking a multichannel e-commerce software that will offer you a free trial? Certainly, knowing how software will benefit you before committing to the cost is a welcome idea. Linnworks understands this issue. The software comes with a 14 days free trial period. During the period, you experience easy management of your multichannel marketplaces and enhance your online presence without spending a dime. On the cons, the software does not offer cloud option, and you have to download it on your computer. This limits the number of users.

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